Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Being an Adult" Course

It's almost a year since I left home, living here in Jerusalem, and from time to time a thought about a course for "being an adult" pops in my mind.

The last time the thought popped was yesterday night, when I found out that our electricity bill is extremely large than it is supposed to be. So while walking like a ghost in the apartment on 1am while trying to forget about my insomnia, I found out that there are small letters in the bill that says the bottom line it is an "estimation" of our electricity usage (only it's a *7 one).

So, why are there colleges who teach about financial investments, raising babies and so on, but they don't teach you how to be a grown up?

I thought about these subjects as a basic discussion for a curriculum:
  • How to deal with bureaucracy.
  • Taxes.
  • Contracts (work, rental, etc.).
  • Fixing stuff in the apartment (such as blocked sink).
  • Paying bills.
  • Handling car issues (tests, bills, fixing basic problems).
If you think of something else, comment :)


Erez said...

Like most common knowledge in life, you are expected to either learn it from your parents and friends, or figure it out yourself.
Up until a few decades ago, it was even very reasonable.

Assaf said...

from the "you-suck-at-life" college,

(but according to their press page, it's "i'm a woman without a man nearby" college).