Saturday, June 28, 2008

MySpace HiDef MP3 Download

I've got some bands I like that publish their music through MySpace, but I was quite frustrated to find out that the streaming music quality that is provided by the site is pretty low.

Then Ami showed me this site, that allows you to download the original mp3 files that the user uploaded to MySpace!.

Just click on audio, and put the URL of the user in the textbox.

I haven't tried to find out what's going on there, but I guess that the links are found in the original MySpace user page, or that someone reverse engineered MySpace's media player and revealed the URL of the original mp3's. Anyhow it's quite a shame for MySpace to put the original uploaded mp3's under their webroot, but I don't care much :)

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kenzie jones said...

Yes I have the same experience with the sites. The quality is poor of the music. Ok as per your advice I will just put the URL and then try it. thanks.